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3D-Modelling im Ingenieurbau

3D-ModellHere we present you our newest work based on 3D Modells.You will not find only 3D Perspectives,aswell Detail- and reinforcement drawings. Of course you can view aswell the 2D drawings of our Models.The best effect you´ll have if you view the DWF files directly in your Browser but of course you can download them aswell.Not to forget you find all the Files in PDF Format.

Sophie Scholl School

Sophie 1Isometric Overview of the School.

Sophie 2Roof View 1st upper floor

Sophie 3Isometric bottom view.

Sophie 4Bottomplate Reinforcement

Sophie 5Detail of the stairs

Sophie 6Section floor to next level.

Staircase in Frankfurt

Treppe 1Isometric view stairwel l

Treppe 2Isometric view stairwell 2

Treppe 3Stair layout 1

Treppe 4Stair Layout 2

Treppe 5Stair cut Stair case 1

Sophie 6Stair cut Stair case 2