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Project Examples

Here you´ll find examples of our Projects in order to appearence.To Navigate directly to your choice please choose out of the links on the right side.
To view our Plans You have the following possibilities:

  • Download the data as DWF. To view this data you will need the program DWF-Viewer.In case you dont have a Viewer AUTODESK provide one on his side. Here you can Download DWF-VIEWER.
  • Download as PDF. If you dont have a PDF Viewer you can dowload it here Acrobat Page.
  • The most easy way to view our examples is to use the "Project Freewheel". You wont have to download programs or change add ons in your Browser. Project Freewheel is freeware directly provided by Autodesk. To view please klick on the examples or on the link under on the Logo "Project Freewheel".

keyExample Drawings

Reinforcement Guide Drawings

RF-Guide Drawing 1Example Powerhouse.

RF-Guide Drawing 2Guide Drawing Generator Roof.

RF-Guide Drawing 3Upper reinforcement of an Generator roof.

RF-Guide Drawing 4Cross section Hydro-electric Powerplant.

RF-Guide Drawing 5Mainframe Hydro-electric Powerplant.

RF-Guide Drawing 6Cross sections Hydro-electric Powerplant.

Reinforcement Drawings Hydraulic construction

RF-Drawing Hydropower1Bottom plate reinforcement Powerhouse.

RF-Drawing Hydropower2Wall reinforcement Powerhouse.

RF-Drawing Hydropower3Reinforcement bottom plate of an canal system.

RF-Drawing Hydropower4Reinforcement bottom plate Powerhauses.

RF-Drawing Hydropower5secondary-concrete reinforcement in area of the sink.

RF-Drawing Hydropower6Radial and tangential armouring around the snail building.

More Examples